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Site Map Latest News Jan 2018 It's "That time" again - a new fleet of 18 karts ordered for the pro circuit, scheduled to arrive on Tuesday 6th March. We will also be refurbishing the junior karts with new engines.

30th June  2015 - Notice to all drivers - we have had a notification from the National Karting Association that the MSA has banned 'Go Pro' cameras and the like from being used by kart drivers. The reason given is that a chest mounted camera can cause serious injury if the driver crashes into the steering wheel. Likewise a helmet mounted camera can puncture the helmet in an accident and cause head injuries. Also  sticking or bolting a go pro to a helmet invalidates the manufacturer's warranty plus if it comes off it becomes a missile to hit some other driver. So the ruling unfortunately has to be no driver mounted cameras from now on.

March 13th 2018 Pro circuit pits full of shiny new karts ! .

July 2018

Lap record smashed again on the 550m Pro circuit - 34.889 set by Myles Dorn

March 2019

We will be resetting the lap record  to 37.0 secs for the new season (but it won’t stay there for long !)

July 18th 2019

Lap record now down to 35.568 by Henry Gregory !

October 11th 2019

After 30 years trading we will be closing our doors for the last time on Sunday 24th November. It was a hard decision to make but advancing years and declining heath get the better of us all, time to stop while I am ahead and take retirement while it counts.